Patient Centered Medical Home- PCMH

Sapphire Community Health is working to become A Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).  NCQA defines a Patient Centered Medical Home as “a trusting partnership between a provider-led healthcare team and an informed patient. It includes an agreement between the provider and the patient that acknowledges the roll of each in the total healthcare program.  A PCMH approach to healthcare includes preventive care including routine check-ups, immunizations, integrated behavioral health, acute and chronic illness management, and affordable prescriptions.”

Sapphire Community Health is committed to the PCMH model of primary care in order to increase our patients’ access to services that are offered outside the general medical care provided at our clinic.

In a PCMH model, we will strive to deliver health care through a team approach that is comprised of you, your provider and other health professionals to work together to manage your health, injuries, and chronic conditions.

The PCMH model allows you, the patient, to be in charge of setting your own goals with the support of your health team to create better outcomes.

What you can do:

• Tell us what you know about your health and illnesses
• Tell us about your needs and concerns
• Take part in planning your care
• Follow the care plan that is agreed upon, or let us know why you cannot so we can try to help and change the plan
• Tell us what medications you are taking and ask for refill at your office visit when you need one
• Let us know when you see other doctors and what medications they put you on or change
• Ask others to send us a report about your care when you see them
• Keep your appointment as scheduled, or call and let us know you cannot at least 24 hours in advance
• Give us feedback so we can improve our service

As a Medical Home you will notice some changes in the way we provide care, but many things will stay the same.

We will continue to:

• Provide you with your own provider who knows you and your family whenever he/she is available
• Respect you as an individual, we make no judgments based on race, religion, sex or disability
• Respect your privacy.  Your medical information will not be shared with anyone unless you give us written permission or it is required by law
• Health care given by a team of people
• Give you the care you need when you need it
• Give you the care that meets your needs and aligns with your goals and values
• Give care that is based on quality and safety
• Have an “on call” triage nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Take care of your illness, long-term disease and give advice to help you stay healthy
• Tell you about your health and illness in a way you can understand

Over the next several months, you may notice that:

• We may ask you what your health care goal is and discuss ways you can improve your health
• We use current best evidence in decision making about your health care and offer support for self-management of your health
• We may ask you to help us plan your care, and let us know if you think you can follow the plan
• We will give you a written copy of the care plan
• The team care members are doing more and/or different parts of the care
• We may remind you when tests are due so you can receive the best quality care
• We may ask you to have blood tests done before your visits so the provider has the results at your visit
• We may offer you a chance to join a “group visit”
• We continue to increase the use of technology in the way we manager your healthcare in ways such as extended hours and tele-health visits.